We live in a world that is widely growing in its respect and acceptance of all religions and beliefs.

With this freedom comes many varying views of God, or a higher power, which have led the Christian church into spiritually confusing times. The Christian faith finds itself in a time where the theology norm (our understanding of God and the way He interacts with humanity) is built on our personal ideas of God, instead of what the Bible says about God. Many believe it does not matter what you believe as long as you are sincere in your beliefs.

But it does matter because innately, we long for an intimate connection with the Divine. Throughout the gospels, Jesus addresses our struggle to be connected to God, to be in His will, and to know Him honestly. He says it is not sins only which keep us from closeness with him, but also issues of perception. Our view of God and our interpretation of Scripture (our theology) can keep us from truly knowing Him.

After Jesus died, the early church found themselves facing identical theological questions that we face today: Who is God? What do we believe about Him? What does He want from us? How are we supposed to live in response to knowing God? Why do we struggle so much with knowing God, ourselves, and with each other? What does Scripture have to say about ___? Where do all these differing ideas come from and what is true?

Because of his first-hand experience with Jesus and his teachings, the apostle John understood these questions, dilemmas, and much more. In his letters to the early Christian church (1, 2, and 3 John), John clearly addresses our struggle to connect with God by way of our beliefs about God.

Walking in the Light is a study of John's letters. Together, we will study and discuss the fundamentals of our Christian faith and seek to grow in our closeness to God.

My Gal Tuesday was created under the conviction that women are the heart of the home and the neck of the family. When a woman's heart is turned toward the Lord, everyone in her life benefits.

My Gal Tuesday is a non-denominational women's community committed to cultivating the spiritual in a woman's heart and home through Bible study, community, and conversation. We strive to be a safe space where women can grow at their own pace.

My Gal Tuesday Spring 2020
Walking in the Light
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Begins January 28, 2020

Meets every Tuesday for 9 Weeks
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Walking in the Light Bible study is written and taught by Meghan Sanders. It includes eight weeks of in-depth meditations designed to help you grow closer to God through Biblical understanding and personal reflection.

Cost: $20 which covers materials and overhead expenses.

Childcare is not provided.

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